Boxing: Mathew Kolawole has never bought us “Pure Water”

Boxing: Mathew Kolawole has never bought us “Pure Water”

Matthew Kolawole the North Central representative in the Nigeria Boxing Federation and the speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, is yet to fulfil the promise of organising tournaments and sponsoring athletes in the zone.

An official who does not want his name published told that since the inauguration in July 2017, Kolawole has not attended any board meeting.

He declared that the boxers  were yet to witness the change promised them by the speaker of Kogi state House of Assembly

He stated that the North Central boxers have failed to fulfil her potentials as a result of refusal of the board member to organise competitions in the zone

“The boxers, coaches and officials in the North Central zone have not set their eyes on their representative. The NBF had board meetings last September, March and June, but Kolawole failed to show up”, he said.

“Our board member has been attending political meetings, donating buses and doing youth empowerment programs in Kogi state but boxers in the state as well as the North Central have not benefited anything from him. Since he came on board, the Kogi state House of Assembly speaker has not bought sachet water for boxers”, he said

According to him “Kolawole is no longer interested in boxing but politics. Before he was elected, he had passion for boxing but politics has taken his time now”

He called on the Board member to focus on the development of boxers in the zone in order to reduce crime in Kogi state as well as the North Central.

“The only way crime can be reduced in the North Central is through sports. The House Member must give equal attention to politics and boxing if he intends retaining his position on the board of Nigeria Boxing Federation”, he added

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