Babangida, Abacha made sports their priority sports, says Musa

Babangida, Abacha made sports their priority sports, says Musa

Former Africa Judo Champion, Suleman Musa on Wednesday advised the civilian leaders to take a cue from the military regime on how sports administration is successful operated.

Musa said during the regime of General Ibrahim Babangida and Late General Sani Abacha, sports men and women enjoyed unflinching support.

The African champion-turned-coach revealed that during the military era, camping exercises were usually in phases adding that athletes got motivated by incentives dolled out.

“Sports was not like this during the military regime, I don’t know why our politicians are bastardizing sports and toying with the youth’s future generation.

“Nigeria could not even make it, with large contingent, to the just concluded Commonwealth youth games in Bahamas, after camping the young athletes for over 2 months in Abuja” said the Olympian.

“During the military era, they usually camped athletes in phases and were well taken care of. Personally I will thank General Ibrahim Babangida and Late General Sani Abacha because it was during their time I excelled in my sporting career,” Musa said.

The well traveled coach hailed former minister of sports, Mallam Y. Y Kure and former military governor of Kano State, Idris Garba, Dominic Oneya for using sports as a unifying factor in curbing crime in the society.

“After 1989 sports festival, Lt Col Idris Garba awarded cash prizes to winners and I got N2,800 which motivated me to continue sports. Then Dominic oneya raised the bar by hosting and rewarding athletes every month end,” Musa told ACLSports.

He said: “Sports is one of tools that a son of a poor person will rise and become known and respected and even get paid”.

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