Alex Scott: A Modric FIFA Awards win will be “for team players”

Alex Scott: A Modric FIFA Awards win will be “for team players”

At the FIFA Football Awards, Former England Lionesses defender Alex Scott believes that Luka Modric winning the FIFA Player of the Year Award will be great for team players all over the world.

“(Luka) Modric is a special special team player and it will be fantastic for him to win this award” Scott said to ACLSports exclusively at the Royal Festival Hall venue of the FIFA Football Awards 2018.

Alex Scott at the FIFA Football Awards 2018

“it is always the story and the excitement part when we see those goalscorers but we know that without the likes of  Modric, those who knit the team together, those goalscorers might not be seen.”

The former defender who won over 140 caps for England says “we all know how exciting the likes of (Kylian) Mbappe and (Antoine) Griezmann are for the France team but the coach and they even know how important (Ngolo) Kante was for their overall success at the World Cup”.

Scott now works as a TV pundit across many UK channels so does she think the media is guilty of only hyping the goalscorers ahead of team players? “Not really. Goals are what the game is about but as you have seen from the World Cup where Modric was an overwhelming winner of the Best Player Award, things are changing. Fans are also more clued up.”

On the subject of the World Cup. World Cup winning manager Didier Deschamps is also up for the Manager of the year award, Alex Scott is in no doubt on who should win it. “Didier Deschamps showed courage of his convictions by sticking to what he has always believed was best for his team.

He started out trying to play expansive football but his team struggled. He jettisoned it and went back to the style he knows and trusts. They might not have been the most beautiful to watch but they are World Cup winners. You can’t quarrel with that.”

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