Aisha Umaru: Volleyball gave me my current job

Aisha Umaru: Volleyball gave me my current job

Nigeria senior women’s volleyball player, Aisha Umaru said the game of volleyball gave her current job with Nigeria Customs Service.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) volleyball player told that her game changed drastically since joining the NCS volleyball team.

The former Benue Queens player revealed that she was initially discouraged by her parents from playing volleyball but her husband kept encouraging her

Umaru said her heavy pregnancy stopped her from playing in the 2019 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League in Abuja.

She said, “There is an adage that says the beginning is not always smooth and that is also my case. I started playing with the Benue queens in 2007 and my first outing was at the 2009 National Sports Festival in Kaduna. My parents were against me doing sports but the love I have for the game kept me going.

“Most times, I forced my way out to play volleyball and I was on the verge of giving up but my friend who later turned out to be my husband told me never to give up. Afterwards, I made up my mind and was determined to break into the national team which later became a reality”.

The game of volleyball sponsored my education and on the long run gave me my current job”, she added.

“My standard of game improved since joining Nigeria Customs Service Volleyball team due to the caliber of high technically sound ex internationals players/ coaches and our boss (Samuel Onikeku) who makes sure we go for international championship that has really improved my game”

She said, “I would have played for my club side during the 2019 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League but my heavy pregnancy stopped me and I was sad when we lost the trophy to Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC).

The national team setter told that her most memorable match was when Nigeria played against Cameroon at the 2018 African Nations Cup with 6 players.

She said, “My most memorable was when Nigeria women’s senior team went for 2018 African Nations Cup with 6 players. I will never forget that day because 6 of us played with all our hearts; the game will forever remain in my heart. Most of the women who played against us play for various club sides in France”.

Aisha Umaru played for Benue Queens, Rivers state volleyball team before joining Nigeria Customs Service Volleyball team.

Umaru has won two gold medals at the National Sports Festival, 1 gold at the Controller General of Customs (CGC) cup and lifted the trophy at the 2018 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League.

She also attended Two African Club Championships, One Africa Nation’s Cup and two World Cup qualifiers.

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