Winter Olympics: No medal targets for Team Nigeria- Gumel

Winter Olympics: No medal targets for Team Nigeria- Gumel

President of the Nigerian Olympic Committee, Habu Gumel has said Nigeria’s participation at the 2018 Winter Olympics is not a win at all cost.
In an interview with AIPS Media conducted at the IOC hotel in PyeongChang.

Gumal said that winning a medal is not priority for Team Nigeria at the 2018 Winter Olympics as “participation is key”.

“We owe them the necessary support we can to make sure they participate well in the championship. Even though there is no medal, participation is key because you have to qualify before you can participate, so participation is very important. If the medal comes, we will be happy, go home and jubilate but even though there is no medal, we will still jubilate,” said Gumel

Gumel, who has been an IOC member since 2009, explained what being at the Winter Olympics means for Nigeria. “It’s a new history and important to the country that during my own time as the NOC President, Nigeria is participating in the Winter Olympic Games for the first time. I believe every Nigerian is proud of this event and that’s why when the young girls were in Nigeria, they were received by many people, the government and that’s why we are all here,” he said

The former Volleyball Federation President assured that more athletes will represent the country at subsequent Winter Games.

“We have just started and I believe this will not be the end of it. It is not a do or die affair. They won’t be the only one participating more will join. We will encourage more of our nationals even those at home they could go outside the country and train. I will continue to encourage and train more athletes. I believe we have the support of the country.”

Nigeria’s famous bobsleigh trio; Seun Adigun, Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga will be in action from Saturday to Wednesday. Just as it is in skeleton, they will feature in the Women Official Training Heat 1-6 before the main race of four heats.

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