Pochettino hits out at ‘disrespectful’ Guardiola

Pochettino hits out at ‘disrespectful’ Guardiola

Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino, has called comments made by Man City manager, Pep Guardiola, about his team as ‘disrespectful’.

Guardiola had hinted that Spurs relied heavily on Harry Kane, going as far as describing the team as ‘Harry Kane team’. “We saw again the Harry Kane team scores every day two or three goals,” Guardiola had said earlier this month.

However, Pochettino has now responded, saying that the comments made by the former Bayern Munich, and Barcelona manager were ‘disrespectful’ and ‘sad’.

Kane celebrating yet another goal

“It’s difficult to understand because he was part of the big success at Barcelona with Messi at his best, and I never said it was ‘the Messi team’. I always said it was Barcelona or Pep Guardiola.

“It doesn’t affect me but in the reality it was very disrespectful for many people. Everyone deserves to be recognised. When many people took the words, it was very sad and for many players that are here it is strange but, in my case, I didn’t take it in a bad way.

“It wasn’t disrespectful to myself. For a lot of people it was unnecessary. But we need to move on.” Kane, who was recently voted EPL’s player for the month, has scored 11 goals in seven games for Spurs this season.

Pochettino, whose side welcome Bournemouth at Wembley this weekend in the Premier League, also added that Guardiola may have been carried away by his side’s victory over Chelsea.

“When it’s exciting after an amazing victory against Chelsea, sometimes [he] can struggle to keep his position and be a gentleman,” the Argentine added.

“I think it’s a sad comment because the players laugh about that. If you’re a manager you must show more, no? To be above this type of comment”.

“That is my opinion like I respect his opinion but I think the players, more motivated or less motivated? I think it’s the same. It’s sad and it’s not right in football. Today we want to show respect, fair play and everything.”

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