FC Barcelona could leave La Liga, joins Tuesday strike in Catalonia

FC Barcelona could leave La Liga, joins Tuesday strike in Catalonia

Spanish giants, Barcelona could leave the La Liga if Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain is successful, according to Josep Maria Bartomeu, the club president.

Barca defeated Las Palmas 3-0 behind closed doors at the weekend, as violence enveloped the city following the use of force by Spanish authority to stop voters from taking part in a referendum.

“In the case of independence, the club and the members would have to decide in which league we would play,” Bartomeu said according to Sky Sports, via Reuters.

“We are going through difficult and complicated moments and with respect to what could happen in the future we will take it on with calm and wisdom.”

The English Premier League has been mooted as one of the leagues Barca could decide to play in if Catalonia indeed gains independence.

“In the case of independence, Catalan teams in La Liga Barcelona, Espanyol and Girona will have to decide where they want to play- in the Spanish league or a neighbouring country like Italy, France or the (English) Premier League,” Gerard Figueras, Catalan Sports Minister had said.

Meanwhile, in a related development, Barcelona have decided to join the strike called across Catalonia on Tuesday, as Catalans protest the use of force by Police during the referendum.

The strike was called by a group named ‘Table for Democracy’, made of trade unions and other organisations.

The club confirmed in a statement that no Barca team will train on Tuesday, as a sign of the club’s rejection of the use of force to stop voters from exercising their franchise.

“FC Barcelona has decided to join the country wide strike called by ‘Taula per la Democràcia’ (Table for Democracy), and therefore the Club will remain closed on 3 October,” the club said in an official statement.

“The day of action seeks to bring together all those people who on 1 October, whether they voted or not, were left indignant by the serious events which took place during the day of the Catalan referendum on independence.

“As such, on 3 October the Club will remain closed during the entire day and as such none of the professional teams nor the youth teams at FC Barcelona will train on the day. “

At least 92 persons were wounded due to clashes between voters and the Police, who fired rubber bullets before forcing their way into polling stations to seize ballot boxes, according to reports from Spain.

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