Male athletes easily distracted – Mary Onyali

Male athletes easily distracted – Mary Onyali

Former Nigerian sprint queen, Mary Onyali shares similar opinion with some sports enthusiasts who believe female athletes tend to do better than the male athletes.

ACLSports recently published a story (here) on Nigeria’s performance at the last two Commonwealth Games and expectations in the 2018 edition next month in Australia. Female athletes have over the years proved their worth like they have done in the last two Commonwealth Games winning 70% of medals won in 2010 and 2014.

Onyali said domineering nature of the female athletes is not common to Nigeria alone and should not be a cause for worry to Nigerians.

“Personally I believe our female athletes are much better than the males because we are naturally good listeners, attentive, focused and a little more disciplined than the male athletes. The male athletes on the other hand get distracted easily than the females just like mothers will be very attentive to the care and needs of her children and I think that’s why we women bring in anything we do not just sports but in anything we find ourselves.”

“If you are a good listener, you will perform well in sports because you take in whetever you are given by your handlers and you perform the functions well to the best of your ability and make you trainable,” she told ACLSports

The Olympic bronze medallist reiterated on the ability of females to adhere to nstructions than their male counterparts. She however attributed the disparity to high competitive nature of the men’s sports.

“We do it extremely well because we are watched over, overly guarded and we tend to do the assignment given to us with a little more care,attention and precision which helps all athletes in all sports in performing better.

Onyali continued, “There is nothing we can do specially for the male athletes to do better it’s just the way it is. The competition in the male category is stiffer. They do their things with more energy, power, ego etc so they are their own monsters creating their own competition or sports making it more stiffer and competitive.It is every where in the world , it’s a general thing.”

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