Gymnastics: I have support of majority of the board – President

Gymnastics: I have support of majority of the board – President

The President of Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria, Prince Kelvin Ehizogie says he enjoys support from the vast majority of his board members.

Ehizogie in an interview said he has 90% of the board members behind him adding that they have always been supporting him from the beginning of his tenure.

“My board was the one who brought me into power. Every journalist present during the election last June can attest to the fact that I have 90% of the board behind me and they have always been giving me their support from the beginning”.

“I’m in the board because of the board members and thanks to God that every member of the 90% appreciates me for everything I’ve done. Also, all the coaches have said thank you as I cannot please everyone. There is nothing that I do without telling them”.

“If 10% out of 100% don’t agree with me, I cannot drag myself back because of them. Please, let me correct this rumor that my board is not in order, have you ever seen any of my board member come out to make any statement rather than the 10% you see. What of the other 90%? We are in charge and together” he said.

He claimed that the remaining 10% are not comfortable with the progress and repairs currently ongoing in the Gymnastics Federation.

“A lot of repairs are happening in the federation and the 10% are not comfortable. I cannot put in everything that I put in to come into power and then leave it the way I met it or destroy it more. So please, my board is perfectly in order the way it was from the beginning”, Ehizogie noted.

On the criteria for appointing coaches, he said coaches are not employed or recruited by their certificate but by their achievements.

“Coaches anywhere in the world are chosen in the same way. The truth of the matter is that we choose coaches by their results and records. Coaches are not chosen by the certificates you have. We choose them by the physical results”.

“Sports are all about results, it’s something physical. When you talk about choosing a national coach, you choose him or her by the result they have achieved. For example, if Chelsea wants to get a coach, they don’t get a coach because he has gone to FIFA grade 13 coaching course; they get a coach because of the achievements he has” he said.

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