Uchenna Ofoha joins Club Voleibol Emit of Spain

Uchenna Ofoha joins Club Voleibol Emit of Spain

Former Netzhopper player, Uchenna Ofoha has joined Club Voleibol Emit of Spain for the 2020/21 volleyball season. Club Voleibol Emit of Spain announced the signing of the middle blocker on Tuesday.

Ofoha started out playing in the University League of Canada, defending the colors of Reyerson University.

In 2017, Ofoha made the leap to the European leagues with his signing by the Finnish team Kokkolan Tiikerit, later playing in the German Bundesliga with CV Central and Netzhoppers, from where he signs for Club Voleibol Emit.

The powerful Canadian central defender of Nigerian origin played for two years in Germany with CV Mitteldeutschland and Netzhoppers before moving to Spain.

For the Canadian Middle this would be his 4th professional season after his experience in Finland (Kokkolan Tiikerit) and Germany (CV Mitteldeutschland and Netzhoppers)!

Uchenna Ofoha played for Nigeria at the 2019 African Games in Morocco.

In the words of his previous coach, Mirko Culic, he is “an athletic guy, with positive charisma, who was integrated from the first moment into the team.”

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