Russian Diary 4 & 5: Russian peck, better than Nigerian kiss

Russian Diary 4 & 5: Russian peck, better than Nigerian kiss

A popular saying goes that: “Good things happen to those that wait.” Make no mistake about that, I’ve not stated anything… at least yet.

Friday was Match Day in Volgograd and I woke up early with the aid of an alarm because I didn’t sleep until around 3am. I didn’t really have the best of sleeps but of course, I’m in Russia to work so all these things are not unexpected.

I dashed out of the room at about 8am and headed for Jane’s place where Mr Adepoju Tobi (The Alagbole Royal Prince) and Ola Aro had arrived from St Petersburg. It was good to see them in Russia for the first time and I entertained them with the chin-chin I brought from Nigeria (made by my sister of course, Port Harcourt colleagues love this).

Of course everyone still makes it look as though I have the heaviest baggage in Russia because of my box loaded with Indomie Noodles, Corn flakes and now, two heavy winter jackets. Quite a heavy load I have now, but I can’t complain. The journey is still far.

Jane checked out at her hotel and we all headed for the Super Eagles hotel which is some five minutes trekking distance. Guys stopped by at McDonald’s to get some ‘flour’ for breakfast but I wasn’t having that. I didn’t really enjoy the smell of the one I took a day earlier.

On our way to the Eagles hotel, we came across about six Icelandic nationals. We interviewed them, took pictures with them and asked their predictions regarding the game. As expected, it was one-sided but only one man predicted a 2-2 draw; his name is Gudni and he says he’s been coming to Nigeria regularly for close to sixty years.

Gudni deals in stock fish exportation and by the time he had named eight Nigerian cities, and that he comes especially to Aba, I believed him. Additionally, he disclosed that he has actually been given a Chieftaincy title in Abia State. He called the place ‘Abriba’ or something like that. It was a good meeting and they gave me a Stock-fish snack which I ate for over 24 hours.

Nothing much happened at the Eagles hotel. Just the walk and I headed for the Stadium about three hours to kick-off. I got into the media centre, did a few stuff, took my first (and only) meal for the day – Rice with vegetables and Beef Smoganoff (their traditional stew) for the day’s work to get in.

I stepped out of the Media Centre to get a video done as a little preview using the atmosphere around the Bowl Shaped Volgograd Arena and there came my highlight for the day.

The video has since gone viral on my social media pages where after speaking with a couple of Russian ladies, I gave a side hug to one of them but she wanted more. I struggled and struggled to break away from her embrace but not until she succeeded in planting a peck with her succulent red lips on my cheek. Life is beautiful!!!!

I’ve been receiving comments from friends and fans. But, whoever among you that will report to my Dad, Pastor Dairo, please do well to tell him it was an innocuous, amicable and appreciative peck from a pretty oyibo lady who couldn’t let go at the sight of this wonderful creature from God.

Did I enjoy the peck? I cannot categorically confirm but it felt like there was a transmission of something with a special commission from outside of Africa, and the unexpected nature makes it….. Well, the victory over Iceland made it sweeter.

I went to the exact spot of the peck after the match, hoping I could see her again and tell her something but such a pity, I did not see her. I’ve not taken my bath yet since that time because I’m feeling shy to wash it away.

Anyways, for Day 5. I spent the whole day in a train from 1:07am in Volgograd heading to St Petersburg where I would land at 12:30pm on Sunday. Thirty-five hours? Absolutely. There’s a big difference however as my platform on the train is dominated by Nigerians who alighted in Moscow and I had a companion all through in Mr Olawale Alabi of NAN, the current SWAN National Secretary. Lots of gists, experience sharing etc.

Day 6 should be fun tomorrow as well.

Have a happy Sunday.



  • Reply Faith Oluchi June 25, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    “succulent red lips on my cheek” hmmmmm don’t go near her again ooooh because she may want more than that the next time. Meanwhile I’m a living witness to that sweet chin chin made by your sister.

  • Reply Tobi June 25, 2018 at 9:13 am

    Struggle? Make I go replay, I no see any struggle there fa? buh issokay!

    What is this… diary 4 & 5 coming together as one? Broz..take time.

    In all, good job boss!

  • Reply Injoyobong June 25, 2018 at 8:24 am

    lolzzzz…The chinchin sha,i’m a witness…lolzzz….That cheek kiss sha…..KUDOS…..

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