Onikeku rates Nigeria Volleyball Premier League high

Onikeku rates Nigeria Volleyball Premier League high

The Secretary General, Nigeria Customs Service sports unit, Samuel Onikeku has hailed players and coaches who participated at the first phase of the 2019 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League in Asaba, Delta state.

Onikeku told www.aclsports.com that the players were impressive, showed high level of professionalism and played according to the rule of the game.

He stated that the Nigeria Volleyball Federation led by Engineer Musa Nimrod has brought competitiveness to the game of volleyball after many years without a functioning league.

Onikeku revealed that the players can develop themselves by training hard for competitions adding that the federation can aid the development of promising players.

He said, “The league ended well and most of the players made the league very competitive. The level and standard of the league is very high. There is personal development which ever player can do by training hard but the federation can also help by the growth of the players by continuing to engage the players through the organisation of competitions.

“When the players are developed it will assist the country; so the more competitions for players and seminars for coaches, that is how the game can develop”.

He stated that indoor and beach volleyball will excel at the 2019 All Africa Games in Morocco next month.

He said, “I believe for the indoor (men and women) Nigeria will return with a medal and for the beach volleyball I have a strong conviction that the country will retain her gold medal won at the last All Africa Games.

“With the standard of play I have seen in the women’s team, especially the girls who went to 2019 World Beach Volleyball in Hamburg, gold medal is sure for the country”.

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