Music and sports can make our world better, says Lucas Vidal

Music and sports can make our world better, says Lucas Vidal

The composer and Musical talent behind LaLiga’s new sound identity, Lucas Vidal says music, football and sports in general have the capability of making the world a better place.

Lucas Vidal, a high profile artiste who is famous for his roles in some Hollywood contents spoke with selected journalists across the globe on a conference call, including‘s Chief Football Writer, Fisayo Dairo.

While reacting to Aclsports‘ question on what role he thinks music and sports can play in curbing global youth restiveness and violence, Vidal did not mince words.

“At the end of the day, both Sports and Arts are entertainment, both music and football; and it is a global entertainment,” says the 35-year old.

“It is something that we can watch from your country or any other country in the world. Listening to music can get you happy or sad. It creates emotions, same thing with football, it create emotions, but the kind of emotions that you share with other people.

“So, at the end of the day, I really do feel that music and football are very linked because it is part of the showbizness, part of the entertainment and I do believe that this can make the world better because through these, you can forget your problems for once and enjoy those 90 minutes of the song and try to relax.

“So I really do believe that the world will be way worse without arts and sports.”


LaLiga premieres 2019/2020 season, unveils official ball to all

The new LaLiga music theme made by Vidal was produced in three European cities; Madrid, Prague and London with some of the best artistes in these cities utilised for the project.

Vidal also explains the choice of the recording venues.

“The main reason we picked the cities was our quest to let the best musicians from those cities to perform in the musical identity of LaLiga and I think we picked the best artistes in the specific seals,” explains Vidal.

“I’m aware that musicians from Asia and Africa are extremely talented and I’m already looking forward to working with them but for this specific project, we needed people that have the experience of recording very fast on such project like this.”

Vidal composed the sound track for Hollywood featured films such as Fast and Furious 6 and through his company has worked in some high profile trailers such as Hunger Games and Terminator.

The new LaLiga season is into its third match week and only last week in Lagos, LaLiga Nigeria premiered the new season with a colourful showcase of the league’s passion and match ball.

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