Musa Oshodi: My plans for Judo in 2019

Musa Oshodi: My plans for Judo in 2019

The Former Vice President of Nigeria Judo Federation, Dr Musa Oshodi has highlighted programs for Oyo state Judo Association in 2019.

Oshodi told that refresher courses will be organised for coaches, while athletes will be sponsored to invitational tournaments outside the state as preparations for the 2019 All Africa Games.

He said, “As you know, this is the beginning of a new year and as an association; we have designed some activities that can improve our performance in the area of Judo.

“In the first quarter, we want to organise refresher courses for our coaches. We believe that when they are informed, they will be able to help the judokas be of international standard so that anywhere they find themselves; they will not be threatened by their counterparts”.

He further said, “Apart from that, there are plans to expose the judokas to competitions within and outside the state. Also, any of our judokas that we see is of national standard, we intend to organize training tours or camping exercises in preparations towards trials for selecting people that will go to camp for the 2019 All African Games”.

The Ibadan based practitioner revealed that the association will support young judokas in their academics.

“We want to see how to association will encourage our judokas to excel in their chosen career. If you are a student, the association will ensure you perform well in the academic ground and for artisans supports will be given to them.

“I believe that is the one of the ways we can get their best. There are other programs lined up for the rest of the year and I know the state and athletes especially will benefit from”, he said.

Oshodi said he was impressed with the performance David Joseph at the National Sports Festival.

The Oyo state Judo chairman believed that the state would have done better if they had more funds adding that Judo is now a grade A sport in Oyo.

“I was present at the last National Sports Festival in Abuja from the beginning of the Judo event and I watched their bouts. As you can see, for the state to have won a gold medal, I think it is a plus despite the short preparations, financial crisis and others.

“I know if they got more encouragement, they would have done better. David that won the only gold, made us very proud and Judo is one of the grade A sports in Oyo and we want to do everything humanly possible to maintain that position and that is why we put up all these programs”, he said.

Ahead of the 2019 All African Games, Oshodi said, “We know that the All African Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympics involves many nations and they will present their best in the respective sports. This means the federation has a lot to do; I want to plead with the leadership of the federation to ensure early camping, to encourage the coaches and to ensure having exchange programs that is inviting countries to come have trails with our athletes”.

He advised the federation not to rely solely on government before calling athletes to camp.

“The federation does not have to wait until government call athletes to camp before they call for open camping because most of countries we intend competing with have been preparing for the past two years.

“I think it will be of good to us if we can start preparations as soon as possible. Most of us have been putting our attention on the Olympics; I feel the All African Games should be our priority now before the Olympics”.

He added, “If you do better in the All African Games, you will be encouraged to prepare for the Olympics and do better, sponsor will be encouraged to help you, and government will also be encouraged to be part of your aspirations. That is why we have to take the All African Games as important as the Olympics because that is the only way you can sell yourself to the entire Africa community that you are a force to reckon with.

“The federation should also not be mindful of seeking support wherever they can get it because the federation cannot do it alone”.


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