Manchester United, 4 others vote against transfer changes

Manchester United, 4 others vote against transfer changes
Five clubs voted against the transfer window closing before the commencement of a new season, with Manchester United amongst them.

Watford, United’s neighbors, Manchester City, Crystal Palace and Swansea complete the list of clubs against the bringing the deadline day forward, while Burnley totally abstained from voting.

However, in voting against changes in the transfer window, United’s stance was a sharp contrast to that of their manager, José Mourinho, who had lent his voice in support of the move recently.

Jose Mourinho had canvassed for transfers to end before season start but United voted against

“As a football manager and not a market man, somebody who wants to work with the team and the players, I would prefer the window to close as soon as possible,” Mourinho had said last month.

“Of course I will meet with Mr (Ed) Woodward (United’s executive vice chairman) because I know that he will want to share my opinion, so I think very soon we are going to have a decision,” he added.

The Portuguese manager wasn’t alone in voicing his support for the deadline day to be brought forward, as rival Pep Guardiola and Swansea manager, Paul Clement, had also supported the move in the past before their respective clubs voted against their wishes.

On Thursday, the PL announced that clubs have voted unanimously to close the transfer window before the start of every season.

The decision by these clubs means that the transfer window closes by 5pm on Thursday in the PL before the start of the new season and clubs would be unable to bring in new players after the deadline but can, however, sell to other leagues provided their transfer window is still open.

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