Interview with Nigeria star player Chineye Nwosu

Interview with Nigeria star player Chineye Nwosu The Ghanaians say Nigeria crushed them because they were tired from the road journey from Accra. Do you agree to that?

Chineye Nwosu: No. It was a match and everybody came here to play and not to give excuses. We studied them in their first game and prepared for Saturday’s meeting and we played according to instructions and by God’s grace we won. Were you expecting such an easy match against Ghana, after they defeated host team Ivory Coast on Friday?

Chineye Nwosu: Not really. They were the better side on Friday and we knew we needed to work hard and play very well to win them, which was exactly what we did. You will meet Ivory Coast on Sunday for the final game of the competition. The Ivorians appear to be the weakest outfit amongst the three. Do you think it would be a walk over?

Chineye Nwosu: No, not all. We will play our game like we did against Ghana and see what happens. Once again, by God’s grace we will defeat them. We hear the Ivorians are not leaving any stone unturned ahead of their must-win Sunday’s match. Incentives and support have been increased and the players claim it would be a do or die affair. How are you planning to handle all these?

Chineye Nwosu: Volleyball is not talking and talking. It happens in the court and we are inviting them to prove all what they have been saying while in action tomorrow (Sunday). We have our plans and strategy and we believe it will work out for us.

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