Football Betting: Guidelines for newbies

Football Betting: Guidelines for newbies

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the World & people all over make money off it daily. Football Teams make theirs through Gate Fees paid by fans to gain an entry into stadiums & watch their beloved club or players slug it out with opponents while a lot of people smile to the bank through betting & winning on matches being played all around the planet. 

Not like football fans are bettors but some may be initiated to give it a try when they see a fellow fan hitting it big in the world of betting without having good info of how it works, delving into a business without the necessary knowledge may spell doom for the “businessman” at the end of it all.

For a newbie, there is a need to gain some knowledge & also put it to use to gain in the betting world & Marathonbet is here to guide on how to go about it. At this point, we will put out what is needed to learn about football betting for a Novice.


  • 1×2 – This is the most common & popular option among bettors, The figure 1 denoted the HOME TEAM while 2 represents the AWAY TEAM. Selecting 1 indicates a bettor is backing the home team to win the match & choosing figure 2 means the AWAY TEAM is being staked on to come out victorious. 
  • Over/Under – This is also popular among gamblers but it doesn’t make your heartbeat fast as the 1×2 option, the 1×2 option isn’t always decided until the blast of the final whistle but the Over/Under option can come out successful at any point in the match. The Over/Under comes with different options such as Over/Under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 & so on. The Over 1.5 for example means the goals in the match must be 2 or above & Under 1.5 indicates that the goals must be less than 2. The same method applies to the other Over/Under options. 
  • BTTS – This Wager is another option and it means a bettor is backing BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE in the match that is being staked on. A score of 1-1 is the standard for the wager to be successful.
  • Double Chance – Under this, You can bet on two of the three outcomes of the match to increase your chance of winning. The combinations are: Home Team or Draw, Away Team or Draw

          Home Team or Away Team

If either of your combinations wins you will be paid out. The odds are often lower than betting on just a match outcome as there is more chance of winning but are good for bettors who may want a higher chance of winning.


To avoid being familiar with losing regularly, a bettor needs to research the form & stats of teams that are about to be staked on.


Effective sports bettors consider a variety of factors before making their wagers. Professional sports gamblers are keenly aware of personnel changes & the extent of player injuries.

With the above info, we at Marathonbet believe you’ve been equipped with details needed to be known for a start in the Betting World of Football. 

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