FIVES is a National Not Northern sport – Dangaladima

FIVES is a National Not Northern sport – Dangaladima

The President of Nigeria FIVES Federation, Abubakar Dangaladima has reiterated that FIVES is a national sport and not a Northern game.

Dangaladima said FIVES was introduced to Nigeria by a Briton named by Mr J.S Hogden in Kebbi state in 1928 and later spread among Northern states due to its acceptability by the people.

He told that the current board members are working tirelessly in ensuring FIVES is accepted by all Nigerians in the South.

He said, “I will continue to promote the game of FIVES and consolidate on the achievements of my predecessor. Contrary to the opinions of many people, FIVES is seen as a Northern game and I want to correct that notion with all authority.

“The game of FIVES was introduced by an educationist called Mr J. S. Hogden who was posted to Kebbi state in 1928. As an Eton student, he had passion for the games of FIVES and introduced it in Kebbi state. FIVES found its way to Sokoto and the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello who was a student took it to Katsina State. He later built FIVES courts in Kaduna state and propagated the game.”

“Our focus is to enlighten people that the game is not a Northern game because it was brought to Nigeria by a Briton and you will all agree with me that anything that is brought by a Briton cannot be said to be specifically for Northerners. Incidentally, it started in Kebbi and we are trying to make sure it spreads to other parts of the country”, he told

The North West Representative said the famous National Sardunana FIVES tournament will take place in the first quarter of 2022 adding that teams from Southern Nigeria have indicated interest to participate.

He said, “This year, the Federation is organizing the famous National Sardunana FIVES tournament. Initially, the Federation ought to do it in 2020 but Zamfara state could not host it due to security challenges. We are encouraging states to send female teams as medals and trophies will be donated to them.

“The Federation is also taking the sport to the grassroots that is why we were able to feature at the 2021 National Youth Games in Ilorin with Southern teams winning medals”.

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