First Bank Basketball club job is a dream job – Erinfolami

First Bank Basketball club job is a dream job – Erinfolami

Newly appointed coach of First Bank Basketball Club, Lateef Erinfolami feels he has landed his dream job and couldn’t hide his excitement while speaking with

The former Kwara Falcons coach who replaced Peter Ahmedu whose contract was not renewed at the end of last season is elated to finally land a job he admired all through his career.

“I am back in Lagos with my family it was great working with Kwara but now I am working with First Bank.

“It is something I have always wanted for quite some time. I played basketball in Lagos and I have been watching them. I have always wanted the opportunity to be able to coach them and I am glad to achieve that.”

Erinfolami is aware of the challenges and responsibilities ahead of him at First Bank.

“Taking a job with first bank comes with pressure. I am used to pressure because of my time as a player and a coach. I want to bring back the glory of First Bank not like the previous coaches have not done well but I want to do something that people will remember. I do see my self winning the FIBA Africa Champions Cup for Women (FIBAACCW) but it will take time but I hope it doesn’t take too long because I have this philosophy which is work hard, plan and pray.”

“Besides winning the title in the African level I want to impact new things on the players away from basketball. I want to teach them discipline, perseverance and hard work. I want to look back in five years time and be proud of what they have achieved.”

The ex-international has coached both men and women’s teams: First Deep Water, Dolphins, Lagos Islanders, Delta Force Female Basketball Club, Kwara Falcons and Nuwaidrat Basketball Club in Bahrain.

Erinfolami explained to how he has been able to manage a male and female team successfully.

“It is not a problem switching from female team to male and vice versa. The only difference is expression having the understanding with the ladies. You have to be more patient sometimes they can be very very emotional and I try to understand how I deal with them.

“With the guys I can be a little harsh get physical with them and they will be able to bounce back but when dealing with the females you have to talk and make them understand things that you are just trying to get the best out of them,” he added.

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