Elishama Elam: COAS Spikers target Premier League

Elishama Elam: COAS Spikers target Premier League

Coach Elishama Elam has told www.aclsports.com that he will be very happy to return COAS Spikers to the Nigeria Volleyball Premier League.

The National Volleyball Division one league will hold at the volleyball court of the Bauchi stadium from 16th to 27th October, 2019.

Elam said COAS Spikers have been in camp for the past two months preparing for the division one.

He said, “My target is to get a ticket for COAS Spikers ahead of the 2020 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League. “We are prepared for the league, we plan arriving Bauchi on Thursday and we hope good things will come out when we start the division one.

“We have been preparing for the league for the past two months shortly after the end of the first phase in Ilorin. So far so good, I really want to thank my proprietor for keeping the team intact after the first phase”.

Elishama Elam said he believes in the capacity of his players and can upset other teams.

He said, “I really believe in my team because we played against some of the teams in the first phase and we know the calibre of players they have. My players will not respect other teams and I believe we are going to overcome them with the players we have right now”


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