Beach V/ball: Nigeria Volleyball Federation to train 40 coaches

Beach V/ball: Nigeria Volleyball Federation to train 40 coaches

The president of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF), Engineer Musa Nimrod said the federation would train 40 coaches on the technical course on Beach Volleyball.

The five day training coaching courses for beach coaches in conjunction with the International Volleyball Federation which started on Thursday (6th of June) is expected to end on June 11 at the package B of the National stadium.

Nimrod said the purpose of the training is for coaches to know the latest techniques of the game and impart into the players.

“This course is to train our coaches to know the latest techniques of the game so that our players will be among the best three in Africa. It will also permit us to have more facilities to develop the game, we want to put more effort in beach volleyball so that we will be among the best teams in the world,” he said.

“Beach Volleyball in Africa is growing and Nigeria volleyball is also at the high level of the sport. Currently our female players are ranked fifth with our male team ranked eighth in the continent.

Nimrod said that an international instructor was sent by the International body to train coaches on the game.

Mohammed Mahima, the instructor for the train coaching course from Qatar said Nigerian needs to be committed if they want to be among the best teams in the world.

“We are presently ranking fourth in the world but it took us a lot of commitment, determination and hard work from coaches, players and the federation. We started in Qatar around 1995 or 1996 we passed through a lot of rigorous training to be where we are now.

“We started with clubs competitions, we started selecting the best players at the U-17, U-19 and the senior league  into the national team to have the best team for international competition” he said

He said coaches and players need to be more dedicated and show more seriousness in the game and most specially with hard work to achieve their target.

“If the country has billions to finance the sport and the people are not committed and love the sport they cannot achieve anything.

“They need to be dedicated to their work, with seriousness, ambition and passion for the Sport to reach their target,” he said.

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