AWC 18 Adekuoroye, two others dedicate titles to Igali

AWC 18 Adekuoroye, two others dedicate titles to Igali

President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation, Daniel Igali has imparted a lot on his wrestlers and as such caused them to do well in their various endeavour. Each time an athlete gets off the mat with a win, they never forget to go get a warm embrace from a man who played a huge role en-route their success.

Little wonder he was among the Federation Presidents who returned unopposed for a second tenure. Igali’s works in the NWF cannot be hidden.

Canada’s only world champion, Igali, derives pleasure in dedicating his money and time to his wrestlers. He enjoyed all the needed support from Canada during his days as a wrestler and that’s why he understands the importance of funding athletes to enable them get the needed results.

Blessing Oborodudu

On final day of the 2018 wrestling championship, the female athletes recorded nine gold medals, one silver and one bronze. Odunayo Adekuoroye (57kg), Bisola Makanjuola (59kg), Hannah Reuben (65kg), Aminat Adeniyi (62kg), Ifeoma Nwoye (55kg), Mercy Genesis (50kg), Bose Samuel (53kg), Blessing Oborududu (68kg) and  Winnie Gofit (72kg) while Blessing Onyebuchi (76kg) settled for a silver medal.

Adekuoroye said ”I am very happy and also for my team who all did very well. I attribute my win to my coach, good training, NWF President who dedicated his money, time and everything and also to God. We gave all and got the needed results. We dedicate the medal to him (Igali).

“We need to compete more before the commonwealth Games and I promise we won’t let Nigeria down,” she said

Reuben added,”concentration, hard work and discipline, NWF President saw us through, my opponent was tough but with God I was able to pull through.

It was more excitement for Oborududu winning her straight 8th continental title in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

“I feel so excited and give glory to God because it’s the Lords doing and it’s marvellous in our eyes. If it were to be a man, I won’t have been where I am today winning 8 African titles.”

She added “I wasn’t tensed when my opponent got point off me early in the fight and that motivated me to wrestle I was in no way tensed”.

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