FIFA World Cup: Integral launches Match Hospitality package for Nigerians

FIFA World Cup: Integral launches Match Hospitality package for Nigerians

Integ­ral Sponsorship & Ex­periential Limited in partnership with the Exclusive Sal­es Agent of MATCH Hospitality for the 2018 FIFA Wo­rld Cup, launched their hospitality package for Nigerians ahead of the Mundial in Russia later this year.

During the launch which took place on Wednesday evening, Chief Operating Officer for FIFA hospitality programme, Pascal Portez said: “Nigeria is a great football country and it is not a coincidence they qualified for the World Cup because it is a great team. So for us, it is very important to have an agent in Nigeria (Integral) because we believe there is a ready market.

“We have a lot of products available depending and on the budget, what people are looking for and the level of services; but our entry products are very affordable in our hospitality business and integral can also offer all inclusive and authentic solutions with travel and accommodation so I think it’s a great opportunity,” he added.

Talking about how Nigerians would benefit from their services he said: “We have the best product, I would say it’s a VIP product. It includes the ticket but you will have the VIP entrance into each stadium, hospitality services in the stadium and upon request; integral can offer you full solution with travel, accommodation etc.”

He however added that the affordability depends on the product requested for by individuals but the entry product into the stadium is $595.

Pascal then enlightened everyone on what makes their hospitality service special. “If you buy a package, it’s a guarantee purchase and not a lottery. If you want to buy a regular ticket you have to go on, then you will participate in a lottery because of the demand. So even if you apply for 20 tickets you will not get it all and you might not get the ticket for the match you have applied because of the demand around the world.

“In our business, it is different. We are not selling a single ticket; we are selling the ticket in combination with other services. Once we sell, it is a guaranteed purchase from your side and you will have special benefits to go into the stadium, because we have special entrance for our customers so you avoid the long queue. Also you have services before, at half-time and after the game because we are offering a lot of services with the ticket.”

He concluded by assuring Nigerians who purchase their products the best World Cup experience with the best ticket and services inside the stadium.

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