Maroc Diary 13&14: Expensive Marrakech, better be good to us!

Maroc Diary 13&14: Expensive Marrakech, better be good to us!

This is going to be brief. Both days had not much activities anyways.

On Monday, We left Tangier with the first train (8:15am) as we embarked on the 10-hour trip to Marrakech. Well, it was an hungered trip as I didn’t eat before leaving so just managed one Moroccan Burger inside the train which ‘I nor too gbadun’.

Inside the train, I met one small girl, Chouka, should be less than 10, and she speaks three languages: Arabic, French and English. Oh my! Though her English is not that good but what a start for her. She said they do teach them in school. I was ashamed of myself. Well.

We arrived Marrakech and I was among a 2-man delegation assigned to join a Nigerian, Oliver who works there and seconded to help us out. We got a very decent apartment and settled in about 9pm.


As a typical day before the match, the day started with the news of Press Conference and training times filtering in. This town is not easy for transportation, we hear it is so because they take any available chance to exploit strangers.

The press conferences were scheduled from 11am and of course we were there on time. Salisu Yusuf – Nigeria’s coach – remained his ever sincere and intelligent self as he dealt with each question appropriately.

We came back to the hotel to find some good food to eat which made sense anyways. Again, movement in Marrakech is so difficult that we just had to stay put in our hotels. Meditate, gist and file in reports.

We were billed to go to the Stadium for the Eagles evening session and I was one of the lucky two that got a taxi to get us there in good time. It’s hectic to get these things done and despite the good sunshine in this city, I can’t wait to leave.

See you tomorrow.


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