Diary 6&7: Of a health scare, biting cold and Octopusic victory

Diary 6&7: Of a health scare, biting cold and Octopusic victory

Let me start with a ‘reserved’ apology for those of you expecting my Diary yesterday. I actually can’t explain how it failed to come but I think it was because I woke up late. I think about 8:58am. In order to avoid a repeat, I’m typing this now at 2:40am.


From where the day started, arriving at Agadir in the thick of the night and the likes, I just managed to put myself together and get ready for the press conferences starting at 3pm. Our hotel is a very nice one with sumptuous free breakfast and a super fast Wi-Fi. When there is good internet, there cannot be boredom. Any witness in the house? Hallelujah somebody!

Well, I got to the stadium and received a major scare just at the entrance when I was told that one of our colleagues from Nigeria was inside the Stadium Ambulance receiving treatment from what I later translated from my Microbiological experience as ‘Salmonella enterica typhii’ invasion.

The colleague, close to me in distance than any other person in Morocco was later taken to the hospital and once again, my friend Amos Joseph stood with the person there till the evening. The person is fine now, though missed the game at the stadium.

Meanwhile, they told us that Agadir is quite warmer than Tangier. Jesus Christ!!! (In Oliseh’s tone). Well, the only difference between Agadier and Tangier is that there is less of wind at the former but both are as cold as each other. I miss Tangier though and I prayed (though extremely confident) that Eagles would win so we could return there.

One good thing on Tuesday was the CAF media pack that was given to us at the stadium. The T-shirt is too large sha. One wonders if they used Issa Hayatou’s measurement to sew them.


Our ill colleague is better now and was discharged on Monday night to be with us. At least, I succeeded in making her laugh a bit.

We slept late normally and woke up late, around 9am, about one hour to the deadline for our free breakfast. Food is so hard to get because I basically can’t eat what they’re cooking in their restaurant that they call food. The more important reason I miss Tangier.

Well, it was Match Day and another time for Octopus Fiscosports to humbly show its prowess in forecasting things related to Football. I wrote a permutation article for Nigeria’s group here ( https://www.aclsports.com/8789-2/ ) where I predicted Nigeria will top the group and Libya following through.

As if that was not enough, I took it a notch higher, at about 6:15pm (in Morocco), I predicted that Sunshine Stars’ Dayo Ojo would win the Man of the Match award, and oh well, it came to pass!

We left the stadium at about 11pm (with the competition’s bus) and I had to sleep on empty stomach. Can’t wait to get to Tangier, soon very soon. Oh! No lady in today’s article? Yes, none. Let me leave it out before some people say another thing. The ushers at the Agadir Stadium were many and very wonderful. Two of them (ladies of course) took me on an inadvertent trip round the stadium before the match. Hmmmmmmm…. Make I nor talk.

Do have a great day everyone.


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