UCL Match day 3: Benfica 0-1 Man Utd: ‘Mistake didn’t affect me’- Svilar

UCL Match day 3: Benfica 0-1 Man Utd: ‘Mistake didn’t affect me’- Svilar

Benfica goalkeeper, Mile Svilar has moved on from the mistake which led to his losing to English side, Manchester United.

Svilar became the youngest goalkeeper in CL history to make his debut when Benfica hosted United in match day three. All was going to plan for the youngster until a moment that can only be described as bizzare, when the 18-year-old misjudged a free kick from Marcus Rashford in the second half.

That poor judgment led to United taking the lead, and eventually taking all three points. The youngster says while he could have done better, he wasn’t affected by that mistake. “I think I could have done better in the goal, but there’s nothing I can do now,” Svilar told uefa.com

“It didn’t affect me, so I am ready for this. It’s part of the growing up process, we cannot turn it back. My record is important but it’s just a game.

“In Benfica our aim is to win each match, especially in our stadium with such amazing fans with us so we cannot be glad by losing the game. The coach told me to play like I train, so nothing special.”

Svilar’s manager, Rui Vitoria, certainly agrees with him, as he said the youngster will learn from the experience even though he’s disappointed by the outcome of the match.

“We lost this match but I won many things that pleased me,”  Vitoria said. “I’m sad for the result, we did enough to not be defeated. I gave this chance for a debut to four players and I would do that again now. It’s this way that kids grow. Svilar is a great keeper with lots of quality who needs to learn and grow and will play next Sunday.”

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