Union Bank disbands Table Tennis and Hockey clubs

Union Bank disbands Table Tennis and Hockey clubs

Union Bank of Nigeria has decided to disband its Table Tennis and hockey clubs. The Stallions’ management paid the Table Tennis club three months arrears and the Hockey club half salaries, www.aclsports.com learnt. The source said the management are yet to produce documents backing up the disbandment.

“Immediately 2018 began, they gave us a contract form, we completed and submitted. All of a sudden, we discovered that no response from their end. We thought they were finalising it because at times, it takes up to three months before payment”, he said.

“After two months, the team did not get any positive response. The players were later told that Union Bank is no longer interested in sponsoring Table Tennis and other sports”.

He said, “The players decided not to take any action but are still waiting for official papers. When the management disbanded the football team, they did a covering letter and paid them off”.

“The manager later called the Hockey and Table Tennis teams and told them that the bank is no more interested in sponsoring sports again”.

“Two weeks ago, they paid the Table Tennis players three month arrears each, saying that they have been paid off but the Hockey team said they were paid half of their salaries”, he explained.

The source alleged that the manager of the club has stopped them from training at the Bode Thomas, Surulere venue.

“After the verbal disbanding, the management now disrupt our training regularly. Last Saturday, they drove us out of the court, advising us not to use their facilities”, he stressed.

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