Judo: Coach calls for removal of NJF President 

Judo: Coach calls for removal of NJF President 

The Head Coach of Kogi State Judo Association, Suleman Musa has called for either the replacement or removal of the current President Nigeria Judo Federation, Prince Timothy Nsirim.

Musa who spoke with www.aclsports.com said the newly appointed Technical Director, Sensei Ekuta Ewa would be held responsible if Nigerian Judokas fail to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Musa alleged that the President allowed some people to hijack Judo affairs from his hands.

He said, “Is Nigeria Judo Federation still in its slumber? Please, wake up because most sport federations are busy while we (Judo) are busy chewing and cutting our fingers with our mouth” .

“I would sound my last warning, that if we don’t remove the president and replace him with a judoka, our problems will continue. He has allowed some cabals to hijack judo affairs. He had no knowledge of they game and cannot call a meeting and speak to his board members” claimed Musa.

The Former African Champion called on stakeholders within and outside the country to help them regain freedom.

“I’m calling the stakeholders and general public to help us gain freedom. So that a real judoka will lead us to the promised land. Our judo performances have seriously gone backward.

“My fellow judokas, let’s take our destiny in our hands to forge Judo ahead. I know sycophants will react negatively to this my post; but, I remain unperturbed”.

He said, “I thought the appointment of the Technical Director would ease many things, but alas, it’s just like a step forward and three giant steps backward”.

“Sensei Ewa, you’re supposed to have hit d ground running, why the delay? You will be held responsible if we don’t qualify for Tokyo 2020”, he added

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