Wrestling: Aminat Adeniyi urges athletes to keep fit

Wrestling: Aminat Adeniyi urges athletes to keep fit

Two times commonwealth champion, Aminat Adeniyi urged other athletes to keep fit during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

Adeniyi told www.aclsports that athletes need to train regularly in their houses, watch the kind of food they eat and drink more of water

The four times African champion advised athletes to desist from social gathering and not to visit stadia in their respective locations.

She said, “The COVID-19 has confided most athletes indoor and the only way we can remain in top form is to keep fit. On my part, I do regular exercise on my social media page to encourage the junior athletes who are my followers.

“Active athletes must keep on training till the Federal Government relaxes the lockdown in our various states. This time, we will be tempted to eat anyhow but must resist the temptation and drink more of water”.

Adeniyi commended the minister of sports, Sunday Dare for giving palliatives to vulnerable athletes in the country.

The Olympian said, “I saw it all over the news that the minister shared the sum of 11 million naira to athletes as palliatives. This is a good initiative coming from the minister; I hope other sports philanthropist can key into the idea of the sports ministry.


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