Volleyball: Egypt and Tunisia to host age group 2019 Worlds

Volleyball: Egypt and Tunisia to host age group 2019 Worlds

Egypt and Tunisia will host two 2 age group World Championships in 2019 according to the World Volleyball governing body (FIVB).

Egypt will organise the 2019 Girls’ U18 World Championship while Tunisia organise the Boys’ U19 counterparts.

The decision is coinciding with FIVB new policy of supporting the promising national federations, and assures FIVB President Dr Ary Graca’s strategy of encouraging African development.

The procedure started early in 2017, when Elwani accompanied the FIVB President Dr Ary Graca to meet the Tunisian Parliament speaker Mohamed Elnaser during their visit to Tunisia to support the candidature of the country to host the 2019 FIVB Boys U19 World championship.

On the other hand after the great success for the Egyptian Volleyball Federation to host the last year’s Men’s U23 World Championship, the FIVB gives more boost to the North African country to host the Girls’ U18 World Championship in the huge Cairo Stadium Complex which have a 30,000 spectator capacity.

The FIVB delegation led by the FIVB President, Dr. Ary Graça F° and CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani held a productive meeting with the governor of the South Sinai, Mayor of Sharm El Sheikh Khaled Fouda, ahead of the FIVB Executive Committee and Board of Administration meetings in Sharm Elsheikh on May 2 to 4, 2018.

The Egyptian governor and CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani expressed their strong interest in hosting beach volleyball events in Sharm El Sheikh, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt as well as supporting the Egyptian bidding to host the 2019 Girls’ U18 World Championship, which was finally a success.

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