Serena Williams goes into labour in total privacy

Serena Williams goes into labour in total privacy

23 Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams has gone into labour with her first child for fiancé Alexis Ohanian.

According to reports, Serena, 35, checked in St. Mary’s Medical Center in Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, with an entire floor of the hospital being cleared in order to ensure she can give birth to her first child in total privacy.

Serena, who announced her surprise pregnancy with the 33 year old Ohanian, in April, is reportedly due to give birth on Friday, after doctors made the decision to induce her on Thursday night.

The sex of Serena’s baby is not known, but the six-time US Open winner disclosed earlier this year that she feels she is having a girl. However, her fiance believes their baby will be a boy.

Her hospital floor has been cleared and security is on hand. Anyone without official security clearance will be denied access to the area.

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