NWFL: New league licensing rules released.

NWFL: New league licensing rules released.

As the football community in Nigeria’ await the lift of ban on contact sports, the Nigerian Women Football League (NWFL) is poised to run and implement guidelines to clubs in sync with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and Nigeria Women’s Football League (NWFL) regulations.

According to the release signed by the Chief Operating Officer of the NWFL Mrs Faith Ben Anuge, all clubs will only be eligible to participate in the women’s premier league upon the fulfillment of the club licensing requirements.

Henceforth, a minimum of two women coaches or two women officials will sit on the technical bench in line with FIFA/CAF regulation with special focus on encouraging development and integration of women participation in football at all levels.

Clubs must submit to the NWFL an audited annual report of their activities as follows:

  1. a) Indebtedness, Profit or Losses
  2. b) Sponsorship
  3. c) A clear evidence of payment of players salaries in the previous season
  4. d) A detailed list of category of salaries of players for the new season

Clubs must insure all registered players covering injury, accident and in the case of death.

In addition, the NWFL in her quest for development in the technical area also will henceforth frown at coaches not qualified or licensed sitting on the technical bench of various clubs.

A list of coaching crew with details of credentials attached, and minimum requirements/certification will be NIS advanced course of study.

Uncertified NIS or equivalent coach will not be eligible or qualified to access the technical bench during matches in the upcoming league.

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