Mboma: Cameroon losing 2019 AFCON right is a shame

Mboma: Cameroon losing 2019 AFCON right is a shame

Former Cameroon international Patrick Mboma is the latest football personality from the central African nation to express his shock in the wake of CAF’s decision to move the tournament out of the country due to delay in preparations and security concerns.

The news sent shockwaves across the country, where locals have been preparing to welcome thousands of visitors from around the continent and beyond for the football fiesta scheduled for mid next year.

“Me, who was thinking June 15, 2019 was in 197 days. It’s a tough one for us. I feel battered. I am in anger. It’s a shame,” Mboma said.

“How did this escape us? Why? Who do we blame now? I think it’s time to sit down and mull over what really went wrong,” he said.

“Football is life in Cameroon. It’s a big blow to everybody: players, fans and officials. I don’t know what we are learning from this.”

After several inspection visits to Cameroon, CAF had voiced its concerns about delays in training and accommodation facilities but the local organisation committee had assured they would be able to meet up before next June.

However, threats from separatists in the Anglophone territories of Cameroon and Boko Haram agitations proved decisive as CAF resorted to Friday’s verdict.

Interested candidates to host the 2019 AFCON have been requested to submit their applications within 21 days.


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