COVID-19 causing weight increase for Abdulafeez Osoba

COVID-19 causing weight increase for Abdulafeez Osoba

2019 African Games silver medallist, Abdulafeez Osoba said the novel COVID-19 has played a major role in the increase in his weight.

Osoba told that since the lockdown started in the country, he trains once in a while.

The highly rated boxer revealed that after the lockdown, he will have to pass through vigorous exercise in order to cut down on his weight.

He said, “I have been feeling bad as a boxer for the past three months because I sat home doing nothing. I have added weight due to the fact that I train once in a while and my prayer is for God to save us from this pandemic.

“I have no sparring partner because the Virus spreads through contact and all I do is imaginary training with an invisible partner. I improvise most of equipment like punching the wall, dodging balls and carrying home-made dumbbells”.

He said, “Immediately the lockdown comes to an end, I have mapped out so many plans but firstly I will keep fit and get ready for any competition ahead”.

Osoba pleaded with the National Council on Sports not to scrap combat/contact sports ahead of the rescheduled 2020 National Sports Festival in Edo state.

He said, “Most of the interesting sports asides from Football and Athletics are combat sports. The 2020 National Sports Festival will be boring and less attractive if combat sports are removed. I am using this opportunity to appeal with the National Council on Sports not to make such move”.

The Bariga, Lagos based boxer said his dream is to become an Olympian.

He said, “I believe I have every chance to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and I dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion. I have imagined standing on the podium and having the gold medal placed around my neck. I am optimistic this will happen by special grace of ALLAH”.

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