We are not ready for CAF Champions League – MFM coach

We are not ready for CAF Champions League – MFM coach

A 2-1 home win against Ifeanyi Ubah FC on Wednesday ensured that MFM FC extended their unbeaten run at the Agege Stadium to 25 games (21 wins, 4 draws).

Despite dominating possession and play for the better part of the match, the fixture was characterised by missed chances mainly by the home team. This resulted in MFM FC coach, Fidelis Ilechukwu insisting that the team were far from being ready for the CAF Champions League.

“It is not like our team last season. There are a lot of lapses in the team but I believe that by his grace we are going to put things in place because with this performance that I’m seeing from this team, we are not yet ready for CAF CL. If you understand the truth and say the truth, the truth will set you free. We are not yet ready for CAF CL.”

When asked why? He replied: “Do you want me to tell you we are ready? We may be ready few days to go but as it stands now, this team is not ready for CAF CL.

“People are expecting us to do magic but there is no magic in football. When we have what it takes to do magic, we will do magic but we don’t have what it takes to do magic so we keep on progressing.”

MFM have had quite a tasking start to the season travelling to Abia and Maiduguri with two home games between and this has resulted in some changes in the team; one of which is, not travelling with key players and the coach defended this decision. “People complaining about our away games must understand that MFM FC is different from other teams. We have different structures, mentality, understanding so we don’t care about what they are saying in the media.

“This is what they said last season and we got continental football. You don’t expect our key players to travel away and then three days later come back to play and give you the best performance, it’s not possible. Assuming our quality players played at El Kanemi, we will not win this game against Ifeanyi Ubah.

“The most important thing is to make sure that MFM make top 10 and I can’t promise anything concerning continental football. So the truth is that this is not yet our team but for now, we thank God for what he has done for us.

He however added that contrary to speculation, he is not under any form of pressure. “How will I be under pressure when you don’t give me what it takes to play continental football?

“I can’t be under pressure, I’m not under pressure,” he added.

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