Arsenal BSC thankful for support from Nigerian fans

Arsenal BSC thankful for support from Nigerian fans

The 7th edition of the COPA Lagos Beach Soccer competition is over with Arsenal BSC emerging winners in the club category. Arsenal BSC came back from the loss to Pepsi Football Academy on day 2 to win 9-5 against Gidi Sharks from Lagos.

“It’s an amazing feeling to win COPA Lagos,” Arsenal BSC captain, Aaron Clarke said. “We’ve come here to win, and we’ve done that. It’s nice for us to be able to look back and say what we wanted to do we’ve achieved it. The tournament is fantastic and like I said, personally, it’s my favorite,” he added.

Aaron Clarke who is an influential figure in the Arsenal BSC team scored 12 goals in 3 games and has praised the influence of the Nigerian fans on their win. When asked if the fans pushed them to do more at times he said: “Absolutely. Here (on the sand) and before every game around the hotel we were always supported. It was like we were back home and being welcomed home and I hope we pleased the fans because it was what we tried to do.”

Terry Bowes another member of the Arsenal BSC team praised the level of competition at the competition saying: “We faced some tough opposition, all three games. Kebbi was a real battle, they kept going till the end and we were fortunate to get the win in that one.”

“The second game against Pepsi, they beat us 3-2 so I think that was a really tough game for us. They finished 4th and that shows how strong the teams were if the 4th team defeated the 1st. Against Gidi Sharks was another tough encounter. I think its just good for Nigerian beach soccer, and COPA Lagos is just amazing I wish we had this in England,” concluded.

In the other club game of the day, Kebbi BSC defeated Pepsi Football Academy 8-3 to end an impressive campaign at the 2017 COPA Lagos Beach Soccer competition.

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