Liverpool vs Manchester United: Will Jose Mourinho Park the Red Devils’ Bus on the Anfield Turf ….. Again?

Liverpool vs Manchester United: Will Jose Mourinho Park the Red Devils’ Bus on the Anfield Turf ….. Again?
Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United Side has made a blistering start to 2017/18 Premier League season. The performance and results mirror the confidence and poise of Mourinho sides during his second seasons in charge of clubsides.
Last season like the 2013/14 season with Chelsea, the Red Devils underwent teething issues (but they were successful at the end of last season).  For Liverpool fans, we remember the bland pragmatic football that Jose directed at Anfield in both seasons. The April 2014 episode contributed to the club’s failure to capture its first Premier League title and the 2016 episode was notable for its killjoy impact.
Alas, Jose’s second season after the initial bedding in period has been different as witnessed by the results so far. As the Red Devils head to Anfield on Saturday, the question on Liverpool fans’ minds is unanimous – Will Manchester United fire their cannons or park the bus?  I reckon Jose doesn’t care about the approach, only the results matter for modern day Jose.
Klopp and Liverpool will set out as usual – to play expansive football and score goals. Like the Arsenal and Manchester City sides they faced this season, they would hope that Manchester United would come out of their shells & play.
If the Red Devils are mandated by Jose to go out and let Liverpool feel the power & guile of their forward line, then we are in for a wonderful addition to this historic rivalry.
Let’s pause, when was the last time you watched a great Liverpool vs Manchester United match? Recent games have been stalemates or dominated by one side. I hope Saturday’s game bucks the trend
Com’On Liverpool!!!!
Kenneth Onyekwe (@kentonye) is a Liverpool fan living in Barbados. 

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  • Reply Rotimi Dada October 14, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Kenneth has dampened my mood ahead of this match. Now I’m (not) looking forward to a bore fest. United won’t change its winning formula and Liverpool should have learnt not to go gung-ho in order to avoid defeat. Thanks for nothing, Kenneth!

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