Russian Diary 8/9: I’m angry because it is not finished

Russian Diary 8/9: I’m angry because it is not finished

Nigeria lost to Argentina, again on Tuesday night, by the odd margin, again, in an exasperating manner of course. We could have won, we should have drawn, we could have…….

The game is gone, I don’t put football in mind for long. By thirty minutes after the game, I had moved on. But using the words of Lasisi Elenu: “I am very angry rai nau.” I am not vexed by the Super Eagles, or the coach but by some people back home, perhaps inspired by my village people to see that I leave Russia since the Eagles are out.

It must be said that these village people didn’t want me to come here in the first place, hence the one-week delay I had about my visa. If you know you’ve been asking me questions like: “When are you coming back”, “Will you stay till the end of the tournament?” or “Make una dey come back, una don try”, I want you to quickly find a nearest church to pray and ask God for forgiveness because I will report you to him.

Please, I did not come with the Super Eagles o, and I will not come with them. My mission is not yet accomplished in Russia and there will be no Argentina to eliminate me from Russia before the set time. One lady seem to have taken specific interest in me among the volunteers at the St Petersburg Stadium, so I might be coming back here for the semi-final game. Who knows? A Fisayosky Dairochev might be in the offing.

Apart from the loss and accompanying noise from the Argentine fans after the game across all metro stations, it was a fairly good day for me. Sh*t happens in football.

The day after the match was one for me to rest, cook and eat. I dashed into the nearest supermarket to get all the stuff and of course, Rice and ogbonge stew was done. It was a stress-free day although these same village people almost ruined it in the end, let me tell you how:

We plan to leave St Petersburg on Thursday for Moscow, via the free FIFA train system. On getting to the portal, ready to book for two (myself and ACLSports publisher), I saw the ‘First Class’ option and ‘Carriage’ option. Unluckily and attributable to these people, I failed to click on the first class for myself, while I had first class for my boss, both free of charge.

So while we will be inside the 8-hour train, someone will be lounging and using free Wi-Fi while I will be rolling from one end of the bed to another. It is well sha.

Good luck to Senegal on Thursday and we hope they do it for Africa.


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