Drogba happy with collapse of Super League

Drogba happy with collapse of Super League

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba is the latest personality to slam the European Super League project which has received an angry backlash from much of the global football community.

The retired 43-year-old Cote D’Ivoire international claims that a parallel elite competition like the Super League would badly affect the nature of “the beautiful game”.

“I am glad that this project does not see the light of day, for the sake of the beauty of the game and our incredible fans around the world,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Promotion, relegation, unexpected results is what drives the emotions of the game. Being together, as players, as fans that’s what makes it the beautiful game.”

Initially made up of 12 teams, the Super League adherents have dropped to two after most of the clubs, including Drogba’s former side Chelsea, pulled out.

“Little Greece beating ‘big’ Portugal, Red Star Belgrade beating my team, OM, or even Liverpool fighting to win the Premier League against the ‘Big Four’: this is what makes football what it is.”

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