Didier Drogba opens campaign for Ivory Coast FA presidency

Didier Drogba opens campaign for Ivory Coast FA presidency

Former Ivory Coast captain Didier Drogba has launched his campaign for election to the presidency of the country’s football federation which has been scheduled for August 22.

The Covid-19 interrupted the calendar and brought uncertainties as to when the vote would hold. However, officials appear to be set for the event.

The Chelsea legend is one of three candidates running for the post, alongside incumbent vice president Sory Diabaté and Idriss Diallo, whose spokesperson is Kalu Bonaventure, older brother of Drogba’s former club-mate at Stamford Bridge, Salomon Kalu.

Drogba is yet to obtain patronage from any of the five interest groups (Association of Active footballers, Referees Union, Association of Coaches, Association of Sports Doctors, and Association of Retired Footballers, who threw support behind Diabaté).

A candidate must have at least one patronage to be able to contest.

Presidents of the 81 clubs in the topflight, Division Two and Three are those to vote in the election, which is creating an unprecedented sensation in the country due to Drogba’s involvement.


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