Maroc Diary 16 & 17: Moroccan mosquitoes welcome me to Casablanca

Maroc Diary 16 & 17: Moroccan mosquitoes welcome me to Casablanca

Oh! It’s actually not all beautiful and sweet in Morocco? I must confess that the three previous cities I stayed in were impeccable but have they saved the worst for the last? Let’s see.


We’ve always left one city to the other very early in the day but on Thursday, we decided against that since the final is still ‘faraway’ Sunday. Well, that set the tone for a very stressful day.

We left in the afternoon after waiting for about two hours for three of our colleagues that went for the Eagles morning training. We joined the 2:15pm train to Casablanca and arrived at about 6:45pm.

Thursday’s trip was the only time I was separated from all other Nigerian journalists as I had to find a comfortable space since others were not ready to board. I found a companion in my playlist, especially Lenny LeBlanc.

On getting to the train station, we waited for close to four hours before eventually getting a hotel to stay. During the time of waiting, I saw something like a mosquito but “it can’t be… “, I moved on.

In the first hotel we got to, right at the reception, I realised further that there were a few more mosquitoes, later corroborated by some colleagues that stayed there.

Anyways, the stress of Thursday rendered any working activity useless as we only settled at about midnight.


Tired from the previous day, I woke up late but still had to catch up with CAF Congress at Hyatt Regency Hotel. This allowed me to move more around the city and boy did it look like Lagos!

Moroccan lawlessness like parking indiscriminately on the roads, refuse at road side were prevalent and of course I saw narrow roads, slums et al. Well….

I attended the Congress on Friday and the highlight for me was the delicious lunch afterwards. Rice, beef, chicken, orisirisi. God is Good!

After lunch, I went back to the hotel briefly to regroup for the Super Eagles’ training session. We attended the session inside the evening cold and the day ended thereafter.

Countdown to returning home has started and seriously, I don taya! Can’t wait!!!!


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